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I-ADOPT Framework ontology

Release December 6, 2021

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Barbara Magagna, Environment Agency Austria
Sirko Schindler, (Institute of Data Science, German Aerospace Center (DLR))
Maria Stoica, University of Colorado, Boulder
Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, National Oceanography Centre, British Oceanographic Data Centre, UK
Anusuriya Devaraju, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), University of Queensland, Australia
Alison Pamment, National Centre for Atmospheric Science / Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK
John Graybeal, Stanford University, School of Medicine, USA
Robert Huber, University Bremen, Germany
Simon J D Cox, CSIRO Land and Water, Australia
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Barbara Magagna, Sirko Schindler, Maria Stoica, Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, Anusuriya Devaraju, Alison Pamment, I-ADOPT Framework ontology, Retrieved from:
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The authors would like to thank Silvio Peroni for developing LODE, a Live OWL Documentation Environment, which is used for representing the Cross Referencing Section of this document and Daniel Garijo for developing Widoco, the program used to create the template used in this documentation.